The Star in You Project


We offer support to underprivileged and talented children, teens and individuals focusing on the following areas;


Enterprise development

Sport development

Arts and culture development


Education and training

Healthy Lifestyle Support & Education


By sourcing and supplying necessary tools, equipment, knowledge and training to creating opportunities and develop talent. Offering general upliftment, life coaching and self-development opportunities in the form of weekend break-away’s, camps and individual coaching and training sessions throughout the year.


Providing support and assistance in funding and bursary sourcing and applications to talented and motivated individuals.


Offering professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae writing services and “job searching” support. Providing access to private tutoring, lessons and classes. 



Wish Upon a Star!


With this project we aim to turn as many wishes into realities to change dreams into memories. No matter how big or small – we will try to help and reach all. We fund this project by selling “stars” to the public. The donor can name a star and receives a certificate as proof and we then use this donation to make some one’s dream come true.